BOZ Treehouse Tunes #2

BOZ Treehouse Tunes #2
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It’s time to get children’s toes tappin’ again with BOZ’s latest audio CD, Treehouse Tunes #2! Filled with 22 songs, including classic hits from favorite BOZ DVDs as well two new original tunes, Treehouse Tunes #2 is full of energy and entertainment. And because it’s from BOZ, you know the songs reinforce the values and lessons you are teaching your children.

Song List:

  • BOZ (Opening Theme Song)
  • Music Makes Me Wanna Jump Around
  • That's Imagination
  • In Our Wonderful World
  • Get Ready To Exercise
  • Read A Book!
  • The BOZ Bounce
  • At The Grocery Store
  • Our Imagination Band
  • A Friend In Need
  • Give A Giggle
  • I See Shapes
  • Imagine The Fun!
  • Fun In The Tub!
  • Rainbowonderful World
  • We Can Share
  • What If?
  • Veggies Make Me Big and Strong
  • What Do You See?
  • A Ball Is Fun For All
  • Making Lemonade
  • Thank You God / God Loves You Prayer Medley

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