BOZ: Bananas, Bubbles and Busy Bodies

BOZ: Bananas, Bubbles and Busy Bodies
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Year: 2017
Actor(s): Larry Brantley (Voice of BOZ) , Alison Viktorin (Voice of Drew) , Holly A. Franklin (Voice of Gracie)
Genre(s): Animation , Family
Studio(s): Exclaim Entertainment, LLC - Executive Producers: Dennis DeShazer & Jon Green
Director(s): Jeff Gittle
Run Time: 43 minutes
Size: 367.3 MB

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BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™ loves exploring God’s world with his friends! So, come along as BOZ jumps into the action from his amazing treehouse! This collection of episodes highlights the many ways we can take great care of our bodies. BOZ and his friends discover that whether they’re uncovering the mysteries of BOZ’s Busy Body Box, collecting ingredients for a special Double Peppy Pizza, or having a splashing-good time getting scrubbly-bubbly clean, God helps us grow stronger as we take care of our bodies… morning and night!

Laugh, Love and Learn with BOZ to make every day an active, song-filled adventure!

Format: Digital Video

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