BOZ Treehouse Tunes #1 CD

BOZ Treehouse Tunes #1 CD

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Preschoolers love to sing; BOZ loves to sing, it's a great match! BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #1features 22 of everyone’s favorite BOZ songs. Your preschooler will love singing with BOZ in the car and at home. You’ll love these catchy songs that help you reinforce the values and lessons you’re already teaching your preschooler. Talk about perfect harmony!

Songs include:

  • BOZ! (Opening Theme)

  • Open Your Eyes to God's Surprise

  • I Can Make Anything

  • God Sees You

  • Hoop-Dee-Hoop

  • Minute By Minute

  • We Can Do A Lot!

  • Squeaky Clean

  • I Can Be...

  • Rain, Rain, Rain

  • Look In A Book

  • God's Green Earth

  • Monkey Around

  • The Land Of Make Believe

  • It's OK To Ask For Help

  • The Right Stuff

  • Do What I Do!

  • Circle, Triangle, Square

  • There's Fun To Share

  • The Colors You Can Eat

  • End Each Day In A Tidy Way

  • Hide 'N Seek

Get ready to sing a happy song with BOZ on his first CD: BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #1.

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